The Tabletop Royale Keyforge Champion

There are a lot of Keyforge decks out there, but only one is the Tabletop Royale Champion. Over two years in the making, Tabletop Royale is proud to present our championship belt. This is a project of love, and we want to treat it as such. Feedback for The Code is welcome.

Currently, we are holding a tournament to determine the winner. Stop by our stream to keep up with the current progress. To see the decks that were considered for this process, check out this link:

The Belt

The deck that holds the belt is the Tabletop Royale Keyforge Champion. To get the belt, a deck has to beat the champion in a championship match. The deck is owner of the belt, and the belt is not transferable through any means other than a championship match.

The deck’s owner is allowed to smack talk as much as they like. They are, after all, the champion. But the champion deck is bound by The Code.

The Code

Before winning the belt, the deck’s owner must agree to The Code. Anyone who does not agree to The Code cannot win the belt.

The belt is up for grabs in any game that is considered a championship match.

The owner of the deck can agree to a championship match at any time.

All games played in any Fantasy Flight Games sanctioned organized play event is considered to be a championship match. This includes chainbound, Vault Tours, Vault Warriors and any other tournaments that can be found here: