Pod 6 Results

This was originally scheduled for Wednesday, December 12th, but some inclement weather means that our plans changed. This group of decks might have been some of the most powerful decks that we have played yet, and as a result, most of the games were phenomenal.

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Decks for the night:
Armhelm, Cavern Blacksmith
Swindle, the Lance Corporal of Invadrome
Oddkell, Guide of the Ageless Vault
V. Dover, Bloodmanse’s Huge Surveyor

Game Results

Game 1 – Armhelm vs Swindle

One Sentence Summary: Swindle worked quickly and left Armhelm little time to respond.

Card of the Match: Speed Sigil
Aptly named, since this card will cause the game to end quickly one way or the other. 

Notable Event: Regrowth found Chota Hazri in the discard pile to forge Swindle’s second key.

3 Keys to 1

Game 2 – Oddkell vs V Dover

OSS: V Dover hit Oddkell with a dragon and as many giants as he could find, but Oddkell shrugged all of that off to win the game. 

COTM: Kelifi Dragon
In all of the games we played, this is the first time this card hit the table. This card is an absolute powerhouse, and it was really fun to play with. Its a shame that it is so hard to put on the table. This card would have won the game if not for…

NE: Too Much to Protect stole a heaping 6 aember. The game continued on for several turns after that, but that one gain was too much in a tight game.

Winner: Oddkell
3 Keys to 1

Game 3 – Armhelm vs Oddkell

OSS: Sometimes the best play is to hold a card.

COTM: Mimicry
In a tight spot? Wish you could play cards that weren’t in your house? This card can (potentially) do it all. 

NE: Oddkell had an opportunity to play Too Much to Protect, but did not to play around Mimicry.

3 Keys to 2

Game 4 – Swindle vs V Dover

OSS: Despite controlling the board for the whole game, V Dover was outmaneuvered by Swindle.

COTM: Unguarded Camp
This card was particularly good in this game. It captured six aember in a single turn to prevent Swindle from forging the winning key.

NE: On the final turn, Swindle played Save the Pack, Lost in the Woods and Chota Hazri to win the game. 

Winner: Swindle
3 Keys to 2

Game 5 – Armhelm vs V Dover

OSS: Armhelm and V Dover competed to see who could pile the most skulls.

COTM: Hysteria
This card can enable some very silly plays. It is best on a board where the opponent has a mix of different houses in play, since they can’t replay everything in one turn.

NE: The final turn that Armhelm took involved using two Dominator Baubles, reaping four times, playing Hysteria, playing Drumble, and then The Terror. The turn produced Six aember and captured seven after returning all of V Dover’s creatures to the hand.

Winner: Armhelm
3 Keys to 1

Game 6 – Swindle vs Oddkell

OSS: Swindle stumbled out of the gate, but almost caught up to Oddkell. 

COTM: Grabber Jammer
When compared to Murmook, Grabber Jammer looks like a star. The key taxing is good, and it can capture on a fight or reap which makes this card highly disruptive. 

NE: Swindle was taxed too heavily by Grabber Jammer on the last turn. Otherwise, Swindle could have stolen the game with a Regrowth to get back Chota Hazri.

Winner: Oddkell
3 Keys to 2

Final Results

Oddkell, Guide of the Ageless Vault – *Advancing*
3 Wins – 0 Losses
Two Yxilx Dominator, Champion Anaphiel and two Protect the Weak make this deck extremely defensive. This keeps problem creatures like Faygin on the board for far longer than they should be allowed. The rest of the Shadows cards in this deck pack a surprising amount of removal. The Mars portion of this deck is heavy on the Mars robots, and as such, they are hard to remove through the armor and taunt. Ulyq Megamouth and Commander Remiel are both excellent creatures to hide behind taunts, as they let this deck house cheat reliably. This deck won tonight because of its ability to generate sticky board positions that incrementally gained advantages.

Swindle, the Lance Corporal of Invadrome – *Advancing*
2 Wins – 1 Loss
This deck has three ways to forge keys out of turn, and Speed Sigil and Soul Snatcher guarantee that the game is going to be played at a breakneck pace. This deck is well situated to win games before the opponent realizes what has happened. One concern for this deck: it is not consistent. Still, this deck works on a very axis than many of the decks we’ve played. The three Lost in the Woods have synergy with Soul Snatcher, since that gives you ways to get rid of enemy creatures without having to kill them. The creatures in this deck are well positioned for Speed Sigil and Regrowth and Witch of the Eye can make sure that Chota Hazri or Key Charge are in your hand at the right time. This Dis package in this deck puts the squeeze on the opponent’s hand.

Armhelm, Cavern Blacksmith – *Eliminated*
1 Win – 2 Losses
This deck was a victim of the pod it played in. This is not a bad deck by most measures, but it was outclassed by the competition. The Brobnar in this deck is good at controlling the board and making sure that problem creatures don’t stick around. The Untamed section feels a little underwhelming, and is really buoyed by the Mimicry and Witch of the Eye. There are not enough ways to use Save the Pack, and this deck is sidled with two of them. This Dis section is really strong, and double Hysteria did a lot of work. Two Dominator Bauble is really strong, but there are not quite enough Dis creatures for this deck to do crazy things. 

V. Dover, Bloodmanse’s Huge Surveyor – *Relegated to WOTW*
0 Wins – 3 Losses
This was an extremely fun deck to play. It had a lot of tools to keep opponents from winning. Kelifi Dragon is a crazy powerful card that is incredibly difficult to play. This deck is weak to board wipes, since it captures a lot of aember. This deck doesn’t generate aember at a crazy rate, either. It has a large number of creatures, which is good in some match-ups and does an excellent job of taking control of the board. Between the Logos and Mars portions, this deck can draw a lot of cards. Don’t expect this deck to stick around the WOTW. 

Known Errors: Foggify is an easy card to forget that it was played. Pile of Skulls is a static effect and can also be forgotten pretty easily. 

Meta Info: The games were split evenly tonight, and Justin keeps a two game lead: 19 – 17. Going first did make a comeback tonight, and so through 36 games, first and second are tied at 18 wins apiece. 

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