Pod 10 Results

This was our longest stream yet, and some of our best games yet. We felt the general power level of these decks were on the higher side, and at the very least, these decks were pretty evenly matched. We were a turn away from having a triple elimination for the first time. This was a pod of huge swings and crazy comebacks!

Watch Highlight: Keyforge Tournament of Champions Pod 10 from tabletoproyale on www.twitch.tv

Deck Lists:
Elder Shulens, the Armored Wargoblin
The Girded Nurse Minister of Carholme
Wordofinder, the Mousy Catacombs Queen
Graeme, Shatterlane’s Cutthroat

Game Results

Game 1 – Shulens vs Nurse

One Sentence Summary: Nurse tripped out of the gate and was quickly dispatched by Shulens.

Card of the Match: Mack the Knife
This card is very powerful, and ignores your house restrictions. Elusive makes Mack hard to get rid and he will generate an aember a turn with reaping or picking off creatures.

Notable Event: A Gateway to Dis was mistimed by Shulens, and Soul Snatcher should never have been played. Nurse’s deck needed a little bit of practice to play well.

Winner: Shulens
3 Keys to 1

Game 2 – Wordofinder vs Graeme

OSS: Wordofinder found multiple ways to disrupt Graeme but ultimately fell short.

COTM: Chota Hazri
This is the card that won the game, but Chota couldn’t have done it alone. Arise! set him up and Hunting Witch made sure there was enough aember for Mr. Hazri to get to work.

NE: The last several turns of this game were extremely close to falling apart for Graeme. Ember Imp, Mind Barb, Grabber Jammer and Dextres all did their part to slow the aember tide, but Graeme managed to dodge a lot of bullets.

Winner: Graeme
3 Keys to 2

Game 3 – Shulens vs Wordofinder

OSS: It was twenty minutes before the either deck forged a key.

COTM: Mothergun
This wasn’t a card in the winning deck, but this card was responsible for destroying a lot of creatures in this game.

NE: This game was a grueling slog from start to finish. No single turn sticks out over any other, but I do want to point out the hilarious Pulp Fiction riff that we had during this game in the middle. This game was almost an hour long.

Winner: Shulens
3 Keys to 2

Game 4 – Nurse vs Graeme

OSS: Some Sanctum knights took over the board and slaughtered everything that bothered to show up.

COTM: Lord Golgotha
This card killed so many creatures this game. He double punches whenever he attacks and the two armor means that he survives long enough to keep delivering a beating.

NE: Graeme could forge a key with Chota Hazri, but couldn’t directly affect Nurse’s aember pool to stop the win.

Winner: Nurse
3 Keys to 2

Game 5 – Shulens vs Graeme

OSS: Graeme was an Arise! short of winning this game.

COTM: Autocannon
This did a key point of damage to Charette so that it could be killed by Pawn Sacrifice.

NE: This was another long game with a lot of back and forth. Arise! was at the bottom of the Graeme’s deck, and had that been found a turn or two earlier, Graeme would have won.

Winner: Shulens
3 Keys to 2

Game 6 – Nurse vs Wordofinder

OSS: Neither deck wanted to lose this game.

COTM: Drumble
This card saved the game. Elsuive proved to be the deciding factor on the last few turns. Wordofinder could not find a way to kill Drumble and disrupt Aember at the same time.

NE: The last several turns of this game were a nail-biter. Both decks pulled out all of the stops to try to engineer board states to threaten the final key and stop the other player from scoring.

Winner: Nurse
3 Keys to 2

Final Results

Elder Shulens, the Armored Wargoblin – *Advancing*
Shulens is a powerful deck, but several of the games it played were really close. It wasn’t as dominant as some of the other 3-0 decks that we’ve seen but it is clearly capable of squeaking out close games. The Brobnar portion of this deck is filled to the brim with creatures and ways to make them fight. There are a lot of thieves in this deck, and a lot of the aember generation in this deck is taken directly from your opponent. Triple Doc Bookton makes the Logos capable of filtering through the deck. This deck is above average in almost every single measurable category.

The Girded Nurse Minister of Carholme – *Advancing*
This is a solid deck with a bit of a learning curve. It was poorly played in the first game, and lost handily. Titan Mechanic is an unsung hero, and the Sanctum knights in this deck are quite powerful. Truebaru is an interesting card, and the rest of the Dis cards are very disruptive. Rocket Boots is a very good card, and there are lots of targets for it here. This deck is very good at putting problem creatures on the board and then keeping them there.

Graeme, Shatterlane’s Cutthroat – *Eliminated*
This deck was really close to qualifying and there are worse decks than this that have qualified. The Untamed portion of this deck is really close to being perfect. The Dis portion of this deck is close to being perfect. The Mars portion of this deck is a drag on the rest of the deck. Not that the Mars in this deck is bad, as the Dominators are very welcome here since they can protect Hunting Witch and Restringuntus. If there was a Battle Fleet, then the Mars section would help draw to the insane Untamed portion. This deck is draw dependent, and I would always mulligan if Arise! was in the starting hand.

Wordofinder, the Mousy Catacombs Queen – *Relegated to WOTW*
Every loss for this deck was 3 Keys to 2, and there is an alternate universe where this deck is 3-0. This was the weakest deck of the pod, but this was a pod of titanic decks. This deck is quite good at cutting off avenues to victories. The major drawback to this deck is the lack of aember generation. There are some cards in this deck that are bad in most siuations, and Wild Wormhole backfired many of the times it was played. A doomsday scenario would be to Wild Wormhole into Key Hammer at the wrong time and give your opponent 6 aember. This deck really wishes it had a taunt guy or two, but I guess it could always steal one from the opponent.

Known Errors: There was a lot of damage that was tossed out in these games, and some of the damage was missed here and there. There were some other small things that were noticed throughout this long stream, but it was impossible to re-watch everything to check all of it. Let us know if there were any glaring errors.

Meta Info: Another night where Justin and Nathan split games and we are still tied at 30 games apiece. Going first has slid further behind going second. Going first has 27 wins and going second has 33 wins. It would take an entire pod of winning for going first to catch up to going second. 

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