Pod 18 Results

Our games from our Boxing Day episode are located here. Justin’s most disappointing deck of all time is found in this pod, along with plenty of Bait and Switches, Key Charges and more. We answer all of your questions: Is having three Witch of the Woods in the same deck a good thing? How many robots can get wedgies in a single night? How many times can Nathan lose to Bait and Switch?

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Deck Lists:
Velosin, Spawn of Fordadash
Curious “Friendo” Grille
Pioneer Ohmbryn Sophopear
Oldenstead the Predominantly Glowing

Match Results

Game 1 – Velosin vs Friendo

One Sentence Summary: Friendo was the victim of the largest Bait and Switch on the stream yet.

Card of the Match: Bait and Switch
Yep. You don’t need me to tell you about this card.

Bait and Switch

Notable Event: After the most disgusting Bait and Switch of all time, Friendo used Mimicry to copy Miasma to try to buy a turn. Velosin started the next turn with a Key Charge to put the game away.

Winner: Velosin
3 Keys to 1

Game 2 – Ohmbryn vs Oldenstead

OSS: Whatever game Ohmbryn was playing, it wasn’t Keyforge.

CotM: Glorious Few
Oldenstead was light years behind on the board, but Glorious Few generated 6 aember, and put the deck over the top.

Glorious Few

NE: Ohmbryn put a Witch of the Wilds into play with a Witch of the Wilds, and then did that again. While powerful, this didn’t generate any aember or stop Oldenstead from generating aember.

Winner: Oldenstead
3 Keys to 0

Game 3 – Velosin vs Ohmbryn

OSS: Velosin gave Ohmbryn a wedgie.

COTM: Take That, Smartypants
This card was responsible for a big aember swing headed into the late game. These “hate” cards are narrow, but are devastating when they land.

Take that, Smartypants

NE: Ohmbryn was very close to forging the last key, but a Bait and Switch followed up by a Nerve Blast put Ohmbryn down to five.

Winner: Velosin
3 Keys to 2

Game 4 – Friendo vs Oldenstead

OSS: Friendo played lots of creatures, but that didn’t stop Oldenstead from generating aember.

COTM: Virtuous Works
For a card with no text, this does a lot.

Virtuous Works

NE: Glorious Few once again generated a ton of aember.

Winner: Oldenstead
3 Keys to 1

Game 5 – Velosin vs Oldenstead

OSS: A brutal turn transformed a close game into a not close game.

COTM: Ghostly Hand
This card was the final dagger that put this game away. Its easy to forget to play around this card, and even when you play around it, it still generates a lot of aember.

Ghostly Hand

NE: The aforementioned turn involved a Bait and Switch, Nexus activation, Nerve Blast, One Last Job and a Ghostly Hand. Just disgusting.

Winner: Velosin
3 Keys to 1

Game 6 – Friendo vs Ohmbryn

OSS: Friendo got a full turn of Crystal Hive activation after all the coward’s were ended.

COTM: Crystal Hive
This is the card that you don’t see in Martian Decks people complain about. Crystal Hive card can generate a lot of aember, and represents a large threat if your opponent loses control of the board.

Crystal Hive

NE: A Coward’s End cleared the board, which Friendo needed. 8 of Ohmbryn’s creatures were killed, which makes the chains a little easier to bear.

Winner: Friendo
3 Keys to 2

Final Results

Velosin, Spawn of Fordadash – *Advancing*
The Shadows portion of this deck is devastatingly good. It might be safe to say that this deck is mostly a conduit for the brutal aember stealing cards, since the Untamed portion does not stick out and the Brobnar section provides only a moderate amount of board control. Key Charge is always nice, and combined with Miasma, it makes your opponent never quite understand fully how close you are to winning. There are a lot of creatures that want to fight in this deck, with the Macis Asp, Dodger and Mushroom Man joining the ranks of the Brobnarians. This deck can generate bursts of aember from all three factions with Smith, Ghostly Hand or Full Moon. Overall, Velosin is a deck that does a lot of things well and it isn’t hard to see why it swept the pod.

Oldenstead the Predominantly Glowing – *Advancing*
This deck is light on creatures, but heavy on Aember generation. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the game it lost was the one where it played Speed Sigil. While the creatures in the deck are few in number, two Blood of Titans and a Banner of Battle makes sure that they will stick around for a while. The aember control in this deck is quite strong, even if Take Hostages is a little weak due to the low amount of creatures. There is a lot of targeted removal between the Mighty Javelins and the Pawn Sacrifices, so this deck doesn’t have to rely on fighting to kill problem creatures. This deck specialized in playing Glorious Few for silly amounts, and Smith and Virtuous Works are both workhorses in the same vein. This was a fun deck, but certainly can’t win every game it plays.

Curious “Friendo” Grille – *Eliminated*
This deck has a lot of play, even if it’s record here was disappointing. Its first game was a blowout because of Bait and Switch and Miasma, even though it generated a ridiculous amount of aember. If this deck gains control of the board with two Crystal Hives and some Martians, it can generate aember at levels that only Drumble and Doorstep to Heaven can deal with. There is a solid amount of aember control here and the ability to force your opponent to pay more for keys is always good. Grenade Snib, Krump and Three Mindwarpers can attack the aember your opponent has, while Lifeweb and Take That, Smartypants have the ability to steal aember in rare circumstances. Mimicry is an incredible card, as always, but this deck really wishes it had access to Key Charge or even Key Abduction to help it close out games.

Pioneer Ohmbryn Sophopear – *Relegated to Worst of the Worst*
The first thing that should be said about this deck is that it is a lot of fun to play. This deck is really exciting, but it simply just can’t stop piles of aember from winning the game for your opponents. This deck kept finding itself in games where it would have a ton of creatures, but way behind in the aember race. Three Witch of the Wilds is pretty exciting, but this deck struggled with ways to stop the opponent from running away with the game. Glorious Few is pretty bad in this deck, but Full Moon is silly. Library Access had trouble doing anything relevant, but there are potential games where it could lead to really degenerate turns. This has to be one of the most disappointing decks we’ve played, since the things it can do are really fun, but it just never wins a game.

Known Errors: Justin started the final game without flipping over the key that he had forged from the previous game. This was eventually caught, but it is misleading for the first part of that game.

Meta Info: Both Nathan and going first won 4 times tonight, so here are the current totals:

Justin: 52 Wins
Nathan: 56 Wins

First: 52 Wins
Second: 56 Wins

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