Are you ready to go? (World’s Collide Spoilers)

Hey guys! We have been given two new spoilers for World’s Collide generously provided to us by Fantasy Flight Games! Let’s just jump right into the first one… Navigator Ali!

Ali has an effect familiar to many other card games that we have not yet seen in Keyforge. At a base level, he allows us to see the top 3 cards of our deck and know what we have coming for future turns.

The big difference between Keyforge and other card games that have similar effects is the amount of cards drawn per turn and the fact that they are drawn at end of turn. Most times after playing or using Ali, you will draw 2/3 to all of the cards you just looked at. Of course there will be exceptions to this but I think that takes away a little bit of this utility.

He will be best used alongside any Star Alliance cards that work with the top card(s) of our deck. If there are cards that ask us to predict the top card in Star Alliance, he will allow us to cheat our way through that interaction.

Overall I would want to see Ali in a deck that allows his ability to synergize with other cards in the deck as it does not provide any significant card advantage on it’s own.

Now, is there really anybody out there?

I am very excited about our second spoiler… just look at his happy face! Presenting Sci. Officer Qincan!

Kincan? Kwincan? Tin Can??

A 2 power elusive creature with an amazing effect? What is this, Dis?

At common, get used to playing against this fellow when facing down the Star Alliance. I find his creature types notable as well. Have we seen any other creatures with 3 traits. Alien is a curious choice as well considering his actual race is a trait (assuming Proximan is a race). Isn’t everything alien to the Crucible?

Now to unpack his ability, after a player chooses a house which matches nothing in play, he allows you to steal 1 from your opponent. Qincan has a lot of potential. If he hits the table early in the game or after a board clear your opponent will have some tough choices ahead of them. They may be able to kill him easily with a card in their hand, but if there’s nothing in play for that house, they will have a tax to pay!

He also gives you an advantage to keeping the board clear and calling different houses each turn. It becomes more beneficial than ever to trade your Brobnar guy 1 for 1 with the opponents creature! Qincan will shine in decks with lots of actions that control the board. Even better if you are able to ward him and/or protect him with taunt.

Thank’s for reading, everyone. I hope you enjoyed these spoilers and will join us on our stream over at Tabletop Royale for fun and consistent Keyforge gameplay!

3 thoughts on “Are you ready to go? (World’s Collide Spoilers)

  1. Jason Weiss

    What I don’t like about Sci Officer Tincan is that when you play him, you are immediately giving your opponent the advantage of using his ability first since you will have already declared your house before he hits the board. Seems like a great first player single drop since you’ll have no Æmber that can be stolen and still leaves you with many houses not represented on the board. But if you have any Æmber and you board wipe, I think it’s a huge mistake to play him.


    1. I think in either case he steals one for the person controlling Sci Officer Qincan via triggered ability. Also, his ability only fires when the house is declared (step one of the turn).

      When do creatures in KeyForge ever just arbitrarily activate for your opponent?


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